Hidden Camera with Built-in DVRs

Do you really know what’s happening in your home when you’re out?  Keep your family and your property safe with a hidden camera with a built in DVR.  This amazing technology looks like an ordinary item, a mirror hanging on the wall for example, but contains a hidden camera!  The built in DVR makes set up super easy, with no worrying about how to hide the wires or having to place the camera near an outlet.  Check to see that your kids get home from school safely, make sure that none of your roommates are going through your stuff, or even keep an eye on the cleaning lady.  These hidden cameras could even be used inside your business.  Some of these devices are even wearable or small enough to carry on your person.  These cameras are hidden in everyday items like a tie, goggles, or even a pen.  Use these cameras to record yourself playing sports, on vacation, or even on your way to work.  Your personal security and safety is important to us.  Check out some of our products today!



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